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  1. skylikemake

    List of Best Youtube Networks for 2018!

    MediaCube Network Review Contract Length: No lock-in Channel Types: All types Requirements: None Perks: Epidemic Sound, AudioMicro, VidIQ Pro, Epoxy, Outromaker, Video Claimer & Spreadshirt Revenue Share: 75-95% Payment Methods: PayPal, Qiwi Wallet, Payoneer, Dwolla, Yandex Money and ePayments...
  2. bhavneetmonu

    Youtube network Suspended

    hi guys i have a question i'm running a youtube channel with legit method and views. Views amount is not high so i though i can mix real traffic +YTmonster traffic for this method i think i need to join other network instead of goodAS so can u tell me if my account suspended after few months (in...
  3. NgelawakGan

    Need Help about Youtube

    I trying to make a gaming channel with original content, and I really want make money from it but Adsense cannot pay me with Paypal and I don't have bank account and I need youtube network that pay via paypal. Share your expiriences please about their CPM/Share/Contract/etc.
  4. csebastian

    HashtagNetwork - No requirements - Min 1$ Paypal

    Today I decided to post about a network I started to love , they are called HashtagNetwork and they are a department within Pongalo with Very Very Good Support Revenue Share: 70% - Can increase if channel is growing Payment Options & Thresholds: Paypal (min $1), Wire Transfer (min $100)...
  5. I

    hello guys

    no reply from u guys :/ still waiting for your answer
  6. skylikemake

    List of Best Youtube Networks for 2017!

    iFree Network Review Contract Length: No lock-in Channel Types: All types Requirements: 1,000 views in last 30 days Revenue Share: 70% Payment Methods: Paypal and Bank Transfer Min. payout: 5$ Payment Term: NET1! Daily Payments! There is only one word to describe this network, Greatest...
  7. skylikemake

    Fullscreen Experience!

    Hey TBN users! :) How many stars would you give to the Fullscreen network? and also I just want to ask you about your experience with Fullscreen, please write in the comments. How many of you get paid after channel termination?
  8. skylikemake

    Copyright friendly Youtube Networks - Paying for Terminated channels

    Which youtube networks are "copyright friendly" ? and paying for terminated channels?
  9. hackersunite

    New hot youtube network, 80% Revenue Share (1$ min payment)

    Hello Guys I am part of the Zivi TV team, the YouTube Network leader in our country. I have seen that a lot of people here that have some problems with other youtube networks and I'm here to tell you that our network accepts everyone and anyone These are some of the services that you can find at...
  10. sunshin

    New network with high CPM, accept TE, high revshare

    Hello all, Today i give you a new network: Newindnetwork Website: Link apply Newindnetwork: Well we have an array of member benefits such as - no lock in contracts We pay you every month if you made more than $1 different rev share for different...
  11. TheG0DBoy

    Aquos Digital/Freedom - YouTube Partnership, High CPM's, Accepts Everyone!

  12. B

    Could anyone suugests Traffic Exchange accepted Highest CPM YouTube network???

    What is the best YouTube network with higher CPM. With traffic exchange views accepted??? Suggestions plzz
  13. Faded

    Safe Network for Websyndic

    Hi, I have been banned from Acifin for "video-spamming" since i uploaded 1000 Videos in 2 Days which were unlisted... I am looking for a safe network which won't ban me if i use websyndic. What networks did you people use which have paid already? I made a really bad experience with Acifin...
  14. Zacksaw

    List Of YouTube Networks

    I decided to post a thread of all networks i know in youtube and compile information how to get partnered, requirements and overall benefits of the networks. I try to update this frequently as possible, but i won't be including every subnetwork inside the thread since they usually offer same...