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  1. M

    Growviews| Working March 2019

    Hello TBN Users, after testing a lot of YouTube Exchange Sites, i found It´s safe for monetization, and gives you not only short views. Watch hour increasement is insane!! Screened it today (range 1Month) Register with my Referal (gives us both credits) :) non ref :(
  2. GamesWorld

    How to be accepted to a network? new TOS? new requirements?is the end for re-upload method?

    hi guys, i have problem to be partner with a new channels. i have channel with 80 and another with 100 subs with 10k and 22k views total on this channel i upload copyrighted content (but many videos don't have copyright, nothing soo i guess if i deleted videos with copyright issue i have on...
  3. skylikemake

    List of Best Youtube Networks for 2017!

    iFree Network Review Contract Length: No lock-in Channel Types: All types Requirements: 1,000 views in last 30 days Revenue Share: 70% Payment Methods: Paypal and Bank Transfer Min. payout: 5$ Payment Term: NET1! Daily Payments! There is only one word to describe this network, Greatest...
  4. skylikemake

    IFree Network - First Payment - Daily Payments! Net1! Copywritten Friendly!

    Hey TBN users! I want to share you my experience with IFree Network. Today, i got received First payment from this amazing network! They offer daily payments, which is incredible, because as you know networks pay 30/45/60 days after end of the month and this network can pay you every day! I...
  5. skylikemake

    Copyright friendly Youtube Networks - Paying for Terminated channels

    Which youtube networks are "copyright friendly" ? and paying for terminated channels?
  6. M

    Got Freedom Invite on Youtube. Should I join?

    Got Freedom Invite on Youtube. Should I join? Is it worth it guys? I just started Youtube a recently and managed to get some views. Now I applied for partner program with Freedom. Do you think its worth it? I am already monetizing my videos withuth Adsense. I have a CPM of 4$ right now. Should I...
  7. jacknet

    New Youtube Terms & Updates !!

    Hello every one here, Yesterday i have got this email from a Youtube partnership network who says that it must approve the new YT conditions or it will disabled the monetization in my channel !! So any one have more informations about that tell us Thanks :giddy:
  8. skylikemake

    Reflict Network My Payment for January!

    my first payment from Reflict :giddy::score: check out my thread about Reflict:
  9. skylikemake

    Brilliant Youtube Network - 95% Revenue Share - No Lock-In and All good Features!

    Hello TBN members, i got a new youtube network for you! :) Reflict Network Benefits: No LOCK-IN CONTRACTS Revenue Share 70-95%! NO minimum payouts Free access to Epidemic Sound and AudioMicro Free access to Epoxy & TubeBuddy and etc. Requirements: No view and subscriber requirement, you...
  10. tbhno

    UpCPM - YouTube Network - 70% - No Lock in Contract!! & Fast Support!

    UpCPM This is my network. Link to Apply: Website: Soon NO REQUIREMENTS. Just don't have any copyright strikes on your channel. Payment Thresholds: Check or Direct Deposit: $100 Paypal: $1 Why you should join us: - We have fast support. - Nice Dashboard:giddy: - Access...
  11. TheG0DBoy

    Aquos Digital/Freedom - YouTube Partnership, High CPM's, Accepts Everyone!

  12. Laserus

    [YouTube] How to get Partnered with Fullscreen! (Full GUIDE)

    So, many people have asked me the same question over and over again, so instead of replying with the same information each time, I'm just going to make this thread to help everyone who needs help! :smile: This guide will teach you how to create a YouTube account that will successfully get...