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  1. seven1964

    very cheap and fast youtube likes, views, subs and more

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  2. deeraj005

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    Hello, I am providing Youtube services for reasonable prices and guaranteed results. These likes and subscribers are great for an extra boost on your Youtube page. Youtube Views Youtube Instant Views - $1.6 per 500 views Youtube No Drop Views - $1.8 per 500 views Youtube High Retention Views...
  3. MA19112001

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    Terms of service All deposits are final, BuzzLikes can't process refunds to your original payment gateway. The start time shown in the service description is just the average time a service takes to start. Don't open Tickets saying the service has not started yet because we are aware of that...
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  5. NightlifeZz

    Anyone know any White Hat Youtube views services?

    Does anyone know any whitehat youtube views services apart from google adwords? If you have used any, tell me your experience with them.
  6. NightlifeZz

    Youtube views with GPT sites?

    Anyone know if its possible to pay GPT sites to add your own Youtube video and get views from that? Concidering its real views, I would've thought it would be worth it. Thoughts??
  7. GamesWorld

    question about youtube views on a unlisted video?

    hey guys i want know something about youtube views, if i upload a video in unlisted mode, and using ytmonster for example i pump it views like 10.000 views, when i publish the video, the counter instantly are 10.000 views or maybe this views to see completely 10.000 views need some times...
  8. GamesWorld

    Serious Discussion about Youtube Views

    Hi, i have some question to ask about youtube views as you guys are very expert and i'm always honorate to be part of this amazing forum :D my best desire is was make 100k views daily using some bot (to be honest also 30-70k daily would be good too) too boost my channel and get a famous channel...
  9. Stipaxa


    Yesterday, I with my friend launched a live broadcast before the battle of Mayweather and MacGregor. At the beginning of the broadcast, I sent 1300 viewers, and it gave a big boost to the audience. 1 hour after the start, we picked up 40K viewers !! What you need: 1) Popular event; 2) The...
  10. Faded

    BUY [BUYING] Custom made Bot

    Hi! I need a bot for a site that will do the following: I will provide it with Google accounts, it needs to use them on the site. Tasks the Bot should be able to do: Clean sessions, login to Google via API or login info. Bot will be used on a Sub4Sub site. I can't provide a lot more...
  11. darkfeno

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    Hello, I'm giving away 1000 Youtube Views to 20 people that post their links below. To enter the giveaway Simply Post your link below MAX 20 People
  12. Kobayashi

    SELL YTMonster Account (Points)

    I'm selling YTMonster account with 52,724 Credits. The price is $2. Paypal(gift) and BTC accepted. --- Post updated --- Bump! I'm still selling YTMonster account for $2.
  13. S

    YTmonster views are Sticky or Not ??

    Hi, I just used YTmonster when someone suggested that they provide sticky views but in my case it was not same. Suppose I provided 100 views through YTmonster then only 50 showed in realtime & after that only 20 showed in the analytics. IS there any specific way to use it ? Can someone suggest...
  14. OneSpeak

    SELL Youtube views and likes.

    Hello... This is my Youtube views and likes shop. I'm willing to provide youtube views and likes service. Let's hit it to the matter. Shop: 1- Views 1000 views >> $0.65 1000 {3 MIN HR} views >> $1.5 1000 {HR} views >> $1.5 1000 {Targted views} (US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Russia...
  15. GamesWorld

    Information how to make sticky views?

    guys do you think if a good programmer make a program can make sticky views with at every time make a views clear cookies, change user agent, IP and change resolution every time make a views it's good to make with a good proxy list or VPN make a good ammount of views (maybe like 5k-10k views...
  16. nickalls

    BUY Buying HR youtube views

    I want to buy HR YouTube views, subscriber and likes. I wait for a PM with price. I not accept views from TE!
  17. jennifer1994

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    Updated The Rules NEW PRICE AND SERVICES Pre Vauched By @TBW2017 Some youtube Proofs : You can also Buy : * Geo-Targeted Youtube Views For a rate of 1$ / 1000 Contrys : USA / India / Saudi Arabia / Russia / Brazil / Egypt / France / Israel / UK / Australia / Turkey /...
  18. S

    how to get this

    I am registered on 2012 on this forum still did not get member tag how to get this can some one please help me in this
  19. zerrogh

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  20. B

    Let's make money! $$$

    Sup guys! Im brazilian, but i live in Argentina and now I made a website to offer services for social networks. Youtube views, instagram likes, twitter followers and etc... Well, the site is ready, but now I'm needing some people to outsource these services, because I can not attend all the...