[DISCOUNT] 40% off Udemy Arduino Step by Step Video Course 30$ 23hours!


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Jan 21, 2016
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40% off BIGGEST & Most Comprehensive Arduino Course!
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50$ => using my Coupon Code 30$
The course is HUGE & rated 4.5 by 742 Udemy users!
I personally find this course very comprehensive & with 23 hours of HD step by step lessons I can't find any one that can complain about ~ 1$/hour course!!!

Topics covered in the course *These are just chapter titles, TONS of content inside*:
Section 1: Getting started with the Arduino
Section 2: Sensors
Section 3: Interaction
Section 4: Displays
Section 5: Motors
Section 6: Ethernet and Internet communications
Section 7: Wireless communications
Section 8: External storage
Section 9: Taking a closer look at the Atmega microcontroller
Section 10: Integrated circuit peripherals
Section 11: Controlling large loads with relays and friends
Section 12: Location sensing
Section 13: Topics on prototyping
Section 14: Quick explorations
Section 15: Video responses

**Course link:

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1) I don't know when the coupon code expires, so if u decide to purchase the course do it ASAP!
2) I am not spamming the group! I am just sharing what I think is USEFUL for everyone here. It took me much time & money to find a Practical Step-by-step Video course on Arduino.