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Feb 15, 2010
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So I thought it would be ok to make a new thread about this since the site has changed so much since the last post. is a site I built. You can earn points by just staying on the site (you must enter a captcha every hour to keep earning). You can also earn points by doing offers and watching videos.

There are currently games (no points for those yet), but I will be adding many more and giving points to high scores.

Short, one answer, surveys will be added. You will receive points for every survey you do. You will also be able to spend points to post your own surveys.

There is also a freelance job board. This is there mainly for something to do while you wait on the site. At random times a link will appear to receive free points. But it will only be active for 1 min, so you have to be quick.

I am also considering adding a raffle to the site too. I am trying to decide if that should be separate or if it should just be something like "complete any offer over xxx points and be entered into the raffle". My plan is to offer 2M points for the winner of each raffle. and then the user can spend the points as they would like.

I have added amazon and a couple xbox codes. What other codes would you like to see on the site?

Let me know what you think.
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