Getting chicks numbers @ malls....Myth or Fact?

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Jul 3, 2011
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5 was wonderin....Is it easy to get chicks in the malls and get their number?

like personally i go to quite a few malls...and i have never seen any guy talk to a random chick lol

anyways most girls are in groups like generally of how the hell do you just go up and talk to em?

Like i've talken to regular mom took away my service so i didn't really ask for their number....i was wonderin if this is a good start:
(this is like 1 on 1....)
Me: Hey wassup....My names saad (smile and eye contact lol). wuts urs
Girl: My name is ________
Me: oh nice lol...yea my name isnt spelled or pronounced as yea i get a lot of shit in my skool for my name (hopes girl laughs)
Girl: lol yea
Me: man i've met a lot of girls named ______ (watever her name is) and they have been mean
Girl: lol don't worry i aint mean...

good start?

so yea how do i exceed these convo...and how do i jump in to talk to like groups of girls of like 2-4

thanks...plz no flamers

+ let me here ur stories...rejections can be taken alsom

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Mar 18, 2011
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Myth? No it's totally true :)

Alright, here's some pointers:

1. Don't go alone. Go with a group of friends. If the girl has a group of friends too, it'll make things easier.

2. Don't talk to the who group of girls by yourself. They'll tend to make fun of you or mess with you since you're alone.

3. Smile and laugh a lot. Don't be afraid to smile, even if you don't have the greatest smile in the world, it'll make her feel comfortable. Don't overdo the smiling though.

4. If you see just her, and she looks back at you, just give her a quick smile then look away. It'll get her attention.

5. If you're in a group of guys and she's in a group of girls, try getting the two groups to talk. Girls love guys that get some attention. Ask some general questions to the group, act as if you're the head. Then when everyone's talking amongst themselves, try getting into a conversation with just that girl.

6. Don't just randomly go up to her and talk to her. Refer to #4.

Just some things off the top of my head, hope it helps :)
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