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Aug 14, 2011
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So I have some free time so I thought that I would tell you guys what it's like to work at an amusement park in food.

So I have a seasonal job, as a food and beverage worker at an amusement park, I got this job in July of 2009. It's the type of job that you would like for a little while then you will start hating it.

For the first two weeks of my job, I was a vender. Being a vender means I'm one to the UNLUCKY people who have to push around a cart all day yelling "Ice cold lemonade, snow cones, bottle water, Cotton Candy" and what ever else I may have in my cart that day. This is the worst job I could think of so being as there were others who were never made to do this I complained, I was then moved to the other side of the park where I work Dip-N-Dot carts all day. I later found out I was moved because my supervisors didn't like me.

Working Dip-N-Dot carts was a lot better then vending all day, I was still standing out side but I was no longer forced to walk around the park in the heat. Most of the time my supervisor put me on the cart at the entrance to the park. I liked being on this cart most of the time because it allowed me to have some what of a busy day so that I never got bored but not too busy of a day that I had a huge line.

I came in to work one day when i got to the office I was told I was going to be working at another area for that day, I said okay because it's not like I had a choice. I made my way to their office, once there they set me up with my till for the register and took me to the Dip-N-Dot cart I was going to be on for that day. This cart was different the my usual one by the fact it sold everything my did and soft frozen lemonade, I was told that it was the busiest cart in the park. At the time I didn't think too much of it because how busy could a Dip-N-Dot cart get? I mean come on. Within about 15 minutes of me getting the cart set up and opening it I had about 6 people in line at all times, not that bad but it was about to get worse.

About an hour after the cart was open I ran out of $5 bills and around that time my supervisor came to check on me and I told her, she came back with more. She left then my line got massive. It was so big i had to have everyone split it up into three lines. I now had a line for pops Dip-N-Dot and Frozen Lemonade. I then once again began to run out of $5 bills and $1 bills. I had to do one person from each line then go to the next. I had many people who got angry and left because they didn't feel like waiting that long. I don't blame them. My supervisor came back to check on me and realized i was out of everything in my register, she ran back to get me more. Seeing as I was only 16 it was almost my break time and she came to get me off for my break, I went on break. When I came back they said I was going back to my own carts, I had to count out my register first though. In the 4 hours I was on the cart I made $1,700 (give or take), now for the max price of anything i had being $4 that was a lot of money. My till was $3 off though.

By August I was promoted into management. I was now no longer an associate I was an Assistant Team Leader! When I got promoted I got moved back to where I originally started working. It was weird because almost everyone i started working with was still there, so I got to be their bosses. I must admit it was fun making people go out and vend all day, even though I knew how much it sucked. I liked having the power. Then the Halloween season came. My stand had to run a second stand for the events during this time, I was put in charge of running that. There was only me and one other person of my rank in my stand and one of us had to be at each stand at all times.

I was only an manager for about two weeks before i had to run a stand 100% by myself. It was crazy because it was one of the busiest days I've ever worked. I was in charge of 20+ associates that day. I had over $10000 signed out in my name. Setting up the stand to open was easy because I knew what needed done, assigning people to their work place was a little harder. I didn't know what was going to be busy that day. I did my best and told people they would probably be moved depending on what was busy. I put myself on the grill because from there I could see all the other mini-stands and I was where the cash had to be locked up.

The day had its bumps but because I did so well that day they let me run the stand by myself from there out. Don't get me wrong I was happy to have the trust but i would have liked someone to help me.

That's all I'm gonna write for now, this is a true story just trying to write it without naming where I work because in future writing it wont be as happy and bright. My thoughts on working change lol. If you want to hear more about working there let me know and I will write more. If you have any questions just ask
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