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Jul 19, 2010
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So I decided with the new Raffle Script out, since I couldn't do what I wanted with Curt's that I would start my site back up. There are three raffles going on right now I will be adding more later in the week right now I am giving away Runescape Gold.

1 Million RSGP (3 Entries Needed)
5 Million RSGP (10 Entries Needed)
1 Month Runescape Membership (25+ Entries Daily Raffle - May lower the amount needed)

there will be other stuff coming soon when it grows, RS Memberships, Wow Time, Nexon Cash, so on and so forth.

So far our networks are Adscend, Spark Leads, and BLVD Media. I am working on getting my CPA Lead account back active and then that will be added. So join now and win some RSGP really easy 1 Mil if you do all 3 entries!

MMO Raffles

Also if you think of any game related prizes you would like to see let me know and I will work on getting them up there.

*Update* CPAlead has been added

Took out the 20 million RSGP raffle and put 1 month membership in it's place, so get entered to win a month of runescape.

Going to be adding a raffle for $10 code which you can use for tons of different games.
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