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Hey guys!

I'm in need of someone with experience in PHP and CSS.
I have script (Incentive Script) that needs a new design.

I need a coder who can:

A) Design a custom template and implement it onto the script.

B) Implement a premade template onto the script.

I already have someone lined up to do option B for $10, but I thought I would come to TBN to see if anyone would like to help out the Geekster.

I prefer option B as it'll be easier for you, but if you want to go above and beyond than we can do option A.

Once I know you are serious I will send you the script to look over and to implement the template.

Once you have finished the redesign and I will lookover your work and either:

A) Ask for some revises
B) Deny work because it is very sloppy and unprofessional
C) Approve your work and pay immediately!

Starting Task Price: $5 OBO

Please only serious people and no threadcrappers saying my price is low or blah blah blah. I already have a person lined up to do this for $10 so if you don't like the price then whatever

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