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Aug 5, 2011
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Welcome to my humble fortress of freelancing.

First off: Hello. I am pizzaz007 a.k.a Ian P. I am a freelance article writer that's just getting up on my horse. I am willing to offer my services out to anyone who needs them. It doesn't particulary matter what things you need writing about, but I will help. Prices are negotiable, but my main fees are listed here:

Short (1-299 words): $3.00

Medium (300-599 words): $5.00

Long (600-999 words): $7.00

Extra long (1000+ words): $10.00

Custom lengths : Varies


PM me here to order one of my articles!


Sample article:

The Bot Net (also known as TBN) is a truly amazing site. I originally came to the TBN community in search of bots to help me make money, but now, I have realized I have joined a community of peers. I have met some interesting characters, had some fun, made some money, and helped people. The Bot Net isn't what its name may suggest. When thinking of the word "bot" I think of hacking on video games, spamming people with unnecessary information, and making money. The Bot Net has more to it than 12 year olds that hack Call of Duty and make normal people like me curse the bots that they use. The Bot Net is a community of like-minded people looking to make cash, start a website, learn to code, meet new friends, and other invaluable lessons that cannot (and will not) be taught in a conventional classroom or "on the streets" as the expression goes.


See? 159 easy words right there. And if you didn't enjoy my style, you can always talk to me about that. I can write more relaxed, more sophisticated, or whatever other style best fits the occasion.

Thanks you for considering me for all your article needs, and I hope to work with you.



You can pay me by Paypal, or certain forms of giftcards if necessary.

I will give more information when you PM me.

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