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Jul 8, 2011
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[HOT] Earn Quick cash ipod/ipad/iphone [HOT] No Survey!!! No Downloads !!!

Items needed:
-A Brain
-Paypal Account

This method works 100% and it will only take 10minutes to earn around $2. Since my ipod is not jailbroken I only earned $2, if your ipod is jailbroken you will earn $5+.
The minimum cash out is $0.50.
Go on to your ipod and enter “m.appredeem.com†in the URL.
Register and if you put “Zillions†in the referral box, you will get 25 points and I will also get 25 points. 25 points = $0.25
Download the apps, play the apps for 10 seconds then log on cash out and delete the apps.
If you have any questions just message me.

Black hat Method :
First of all, let's make sure you have everything you need.

1) On your Jailbroken iPod or iPhone, go into Cydia, and make sure you have OpenSSH installed (if you've ever FTP'd into your iDevice before, then you've got it). OpenSSH is available for free from saurik's repo, which is included with Cydia. You will also want a multitasking enabled iDevice (probably; you may be able to get this to work without it, but it's recommended). Certain apps such as "MyOS" from Cydia will allow you to enable this feature on any device.

2) Do you have a PC on the same WiFi network as your iDevice?
If yes, then looks like you have everything you need. Moving on

Step 2: Set Up AppRedeem

("Oh no, I've heard about this AppRedeem before, is this post the exact same thing?")
Nope. We're going to be exploiting AppRedeem for infinite money. Different post.

If you already have AppRedeem set up, have an account, etc., go ahead and skip to the next bold step.

1) Open up Safari, and go to:
PHP Code:
2) First of all, follow the instructions to install the web app on your device, by tapping on the arrow at the bottom of Safari and hitting "Add to Home Screen". This will close Safari, and make a new icon on your SpringBoard. Tap the icon to open AppRedeem again.

3) Once it loads, go to Settings (at the bottom right) and select "Create Account". It will ask you to register your device. Do so.

4) Once AppRedeem registers your device and reopens, go to Settings and select "Create Account" again. Enter your actual email, along with a username and password that you can remember.

5) Go to the "Apps" section of AppRedeem, and download and install a free app. Open the app, wait for everything to load, and then go back to AppRedeem. You should have 15 points. If so, continue on. If not, try a different app, and make sure it loads all the way.

You need to have more than zero points in your account. I'll explain why later.

Step 3: Set Up Your PC

When I first discovered this exploit, it took a long time to get it working on the computer. Luckily, I'm a pretty decent programmer.

1) Download The program here:



2) Extract the .zip file that you downloaded, and you'll see many files, and one folder called "data". Open that folder.

3) Start "WinSCP.exe" from inside the data folder. You should see a screen with several empty textboxes if you've never used WinSCP before. (If you have used it before, just hit the "New" button on the right to get to this screen).

4) Fill out the boxes as follows:

Host name: [Your iDevice's IP Address, from Settings>Wifi>Blue Arrow Next to Network Name]
Port number: 22
User name: root
Password: alpine
Private key file: [leave blank]
File protocol: SFTP, and leave the "Allow SCP Feedback" box checked.

5) Now hit the "Login" button. It should connect after a few seconds, and once it's done, you should see some of your iDevice's contents (probably two folders named "Library" and "Media"). You can now close WinSCP, hitting the "X" at the top right, and then "OK".

Step 4: Running AppRedemption

(AppRedemption being the name given to my program)

1) Leave the "data" folder, going back to the main folder of the .zip that you downloaded.

2) Start AppRedemption.exe. This program wirelessly communicates with your device, so you might need to allow it access through certain security programs (namely McAfee).

3) Enter your iDevice's IP address at the top, but don't click start yet.

Step 5: Not sure what to call it but this is where the fun happens

1) Go back to your iPhone/iPod. Go to the SpringBoard (main screen) and close everything out of Multitasking. Yes, everything.

2) On your computer, hit the "Start" button on AppRedemption.

3) Wait a few seconds (I'd give it about 5) and then start up AppRedeem on your iDevice.

4) Once everything loads, you should have zero points. If so, congratulations, it's easy sailing from here (If not, make sure you're following my directions closely, double check your IP, and reconnect using WinSCP, and try it all again).

5) Go to "Enter Bonus Code". Enter in your real account's name, that you made earlier. Before hitting "Submit Code", select your username and hit "Copy". Trust me.

6) Submit the code. You just got $0.25 onto your real account.

7) Quit out of AppRedeem, open the Multitasking bar, and close AppRedeem there too. Make absolutely sure that it is closed in Multitasking.

Start AppRedeem again. If all goes well, you will have zero points

9) Go to "Enter Bonus Code" and submit your username again (you can just paste it in now, told you so ). Submit your name, and $0.25 cents will be added to your real account!

Repeat steps 7, 8, and 9, and each time you do it, you'll get $0.25 cents on your real account. With a little practice (like 5 minutes worth), it will take you around 20 seconds to get $0.25. Do the math.

Step 6: Finishing Up

Once you're done reaping your massive rewards, quit completely out of AppRedeem (including from Multitasking!), and hit "Stop" on my program, on the PC. Wait a few seconds, and then open up AppRedeem on your iDevice, You should be back on your regular account, which now has a lot more money.

If you're not on your regular account, go to Settings (On your iDevice, not AppRedeem) > Safari > Clear Cache, and then start AppRedeem. You'll need to reregister your device, but once you do, you'll have your old account back.

Step 7: Cashing Out

Go to the "Redeem" section of AppRedeem, and you'll see a bunch of selections to use your points (Hint: 100 points = $1). Select one you like, and hit "Redeem".

If you're lucky, the payment will instantly go through, and you'll have more money in your PayPal, or a new gift code to a store.

If not, you'll receive a message saying that your account may have been "compromised".
As some of you may no, this is a common problem with AppRedeem, and unfortunately has been occurring often recently. Hitting the "Contact Now" button will bring up a pre-composed email. Just hit "Send" and hope for the best (sometimes you'll get a reply back saying your account has been uncompromised, within 0-2 days, and sometimes you won't. Just keep sending emails, and sorry for their lack of customer service).

If I guess correctly, I think they're redoing their system right now, and thus most accounts will receive this message, whether you used this exploit or not. Just wait it out, and you'll be able to check your money out soon (I just got a reply back after about a week, and cashed out about $20 worth of points. Be patient )

And thus... infinite money.
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