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Aug 4, 2011
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I've been doing Postloop for a little more than a month now and it has become a pretty fluid part of my routine. I've gotten plenty of cool new opportunities on the side through posting on all these new forums and made a decent amount of money in the process. I still have room to grow too when I eventually get better ratings or maybe even a top rating. It's one of the first PTP sites I've actually enjoyed. My average rating right now is 4.47 and considering I made quite a few mistakes during my first few weeks I would still say that this rating was not difficult to obtain.

Here are some pointers I want to share with noobs who are looking to get into it and make some money.

1. Treat it like a job

That may not sound too appealing but it makes a difference if you treat the admins like you work for them, since you essentially do. You are being paid indirectly to provide content on their forum to help draw traffic to their site- so that content has to be good. Posting like a leech who simply wants points will only get you a lower rating. It's not a chore if you put forth the effort to enjoy it, and you can make good money if you put in the time necessary to build up to that 5.0 rank eventually.

2. If you don't use meticulous grammar online, now is a good time to get in the habit
Grammar is everything. Make your posts legible and easy to read. A wall of text may count as a large content contribution but if it's difficult to read than it counts for nothing. Put plenty of correct spacing and paragraphs between your sentences and use proper grammar at all times.

3. Use pictures and videos. Do anything to stand out

Admins actually have the ability to give you a 25% bonus for all of your posts on their site alongside the normal rating system so getting on their good side is a good thing. If they really like your content they will want to keep you around by doing so.

4. Don't post on only a few forums
The more people you provide content for the more chances you have of getting a good rating. While your workload is certainly up to you, I find it's better to have choices. Some forums go offline or are disabled for long periods of time so rather than find a new forum to go to in the meantime it's better to have one you already ranked by and already established on. The more forums you post on the higher chance you also have of receiving a bonus and you can accumulate a number of sites to prioritize above others everyday since most forums have a daily posting limit and it's less time effective to post on ones that get you less money per post overall.
At the same time this can backfire on you if you get bad ratings but that is entirely up to you since it is dependent on the quality of your content. I have never met an admin who would give me some kind of low rating just because he was a dick.

5. Do anything you can to avoid looking like a spammer
Even if your intention is not to spam the forum with short replies for easy points, you can still appear to the admin as one if you're not careful. They watch for people like that and are perfectly willing to give out bad ratings in order to defend their site from spam. Personalize your posts with an avatar, fully customized profile, links, videos, pictures and a signature if it doesn't advertise anything. You want to give the impression that you are there not only to provide content, but partake in the community. Most often you will find you actually enjoy doing so if the forum is based around something you like talking about. I post at a very large number of 'postlooped' forums and I enjoy discussing on many of them. Replying to threads by quoting peoples posts and replying to them is also a great to point out that you are indeed invested in the forum enough to actually read the other posts despite the fact that you are a paid poster. Also, do not post on threads containing things like introductions, forum games etc.

6. When you make your first 10 initial posts during the evaluation period...
Don't just post an introduction and replies to already existing threads. Make new threads with interesting content as well. This is what postloop staff want to see and it will raise the initial rating they give you.

7. Read the information about each forum.
Admins frequently post criteria or rules for the paid posters to follow. You don't want to risk breaking one of these by accident and receiving a bad rating as a result.

I'll add more later if I can think of anything. Good luck getting a high rating. :bigsmile:

If you'd like to get into Postloop feel free to ref under me and I'd be happy to guide you through any questions you have via pm.

Ref link <-- click this one if you're cool :p

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