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Aug 13, 2009
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Get Targeted Traffic for Any Niche.
Which means you can get:
Sales for a product you're promoting!
Leads on a CPA offer targeted to a niche!
Downloads from Shárecash and other PPD sites!
Youtube Views/Subscribers/Likes/Friends!
And anything else you can think of with legitimate targeted traffic!

I will be providing proof that I am sending the messages to REAL people on Youtube who are active on their account! No messages will be sent to fake/dead accounts! All messages will be sent to active members!

The traffic will be targeted as I only message people who have commented on a video specific to your niche! So no need to worry, your traffic is targeted!

Wondering what the price is already? Well it's cheaper than you think!

500 Messages - $10.00
1000 Messages - $17.50
2500 Messages - $32.50
5000 Messages - $45.00
Custom Requests Over 5000 Messages - PM Me

You may not use this service to advertise the following:
Phishing Websites
Scam Sites
Illegal Content

To order, click the Paypal Cashout Button below.
Simply leave a 'note' with the payment telling me what message you want me to send, and the niche you want me to target.

Then leave a comment below telling me you've sent the payment (and if you can leave what email you used to send the payment)
And I will PM you on here once your order is complete.

There will be no free trials/review copies for now.

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