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Jul 2, 2021
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Alternatively you can go here to access the rules page as well. Some sub forums may have addition rules, these rules are subject to change. If you have any questions about rules, feel free to message me or any other staff member.

General Rules

No Advertising
No forms of advertisement or promotion of websites is allowed (outside of the free advertising section).

No Multiple Accounts
You are allowed one account. Breaking this rule will result in a permaban for all accounts.

No Leaking Content
Leaking content from TBN to other sites is not allowed and highly discouraged. Doing this will result in a permaban.

No Malicious Programs
if you are caught spreading anything malicious, you will be permanently banned.

Don't ask for likes / thank$
Asking for thank$ in threads, posts, or in your signature is not allowed and unnecessary.

No disrespecting staff members
They are volunteers and work hard to make TBN a better place. If you believe you have been wronged by staff, contact an admin.

Posting Etiquette Rules

No Flaming/Picking Fights
Do not post with the intent to pick fights or start a "flame war". This includes targeted derogatory words, bullying, and other forums of abuse. Report any posts you feel that hold this intention. We try our best to keep TBN somewhat civilized.

Make Constructive Threads
TBN allows all constructive or regular posts. We also allow appropriate posts that serve a purpose even if they may be deemed insulting or improper, this includes colorful language.

No Thread Crapping
Thread crapping is the act of deliberately posting off topic discussion in a sales thread, posting with ill intent on a marketplace thread, or intentionally changing the course of a discussion into offtopic.

Do not Spam
Spamming to try to get your post count up, or for any other reason, can result in your posts getting deleted and an infraction or ban. Do not try it, because the staff will notice.

Do not evade the character limit
Evading the character limit can include posts such as: “+1”, "charlimit comment", post the error message, or anything else that is not relevant to the topic, used to evade the character limit. The only exception to this rule is in the slapdash forum.

No "Mini–modding" or "Backseat Modding"
This is when any non–staff member makes posts or statements that usually a moderator or other staff member should make. Our staff is there for a reason, and if you really want to help them out you should use the report button.

No double posting/exessive bumping
You may bump your thread once every 24 hours.

Your bot must be approved before posting
To get your bot approved, post here (with template and virus scan.) Do not post your bot in random threads or Botting World.

Do not post NSFW content
NSFW (Not safe for work) content must be clearly marked and put in a spoiler.

Signature Rules

Make sure signatures are reasonable in size.
Staff has the right to remove or edit your signature at any time.
All rules apply to your signature.

Marketplace Rules

Divulge all applicable details
Make sure you provide all details to potential buyers. If it's sketchy or has a chance of getting banned, you MUST tell them.

You must provide Photos of Goods
If the value of the physical item is over $5 dollars, the seller must include a picture of the item with their username on a piece of paper.

Vouch Copies
Only staff members are allowed to request vouch copies.

No Auctions
OBO (or best offer) is allowed as long as a fixed price is included.

Don't hijack a marketplace thread
If you believe there is a problem with an item being sold/offered, please report the thread.
Do not offer your item/service in someone else's thread.

Do not falsify itrader reports
You should fill out an iTrader feedback report after completing a trade. Be honest and truthful.
Scammers will be punished depending on the severity and whether or not they resolve the dispute.

No Loans or investsments allowed
Offering or asking for a loan/investment is NOT allowed.

VPS Trials are not allowed
VPS trial sales are no longer allowed. Selling of legitimate VPS must be approved by staff and you must have a Terms of Services. You must notify each buyer of this ToS before the transaction. In the terms of service, it is required that you provide a refund, not just another replacement if the VPS goes down upon the buyer's request.

Other Rules

Veteran & Seniors are expected to maintain a level of respect and dignity throughout the forum, especially towards newer members.

Staff will investigate disputes at their own digression, in no way are they liable or responsible for recovering your loses.

Please do not ask about the status of your Veteran Application.

Important links

How to gain marketplace access?

Expanded marketplace Rules

Status Update/Status Marketplace Rules

Slapdash Rules

Giveaway Rules

Dispute Rules

TBN Usergroup Benefits

Expanded Usergroups Explained

How to trade safely

Why can't I post?

Read before asking a question

Current and Past Staff

TBN Lingo/Abbreviations

Infraction Chart
Go to your profile by clicking on your username at top right of the page and press on infractions tab. There you'll see the active infractions. Expired infractions do not count as active infractions and wont get you banned. However if you accumulate 4 infractions you get banned for 1 day. Full list below.

http://thebotnet.com (heretofore referred to as "TBN" or "website") does not take any responsibility for its users actions, decisions, or posted content. The Staff at TBN (heretofore referred to as "The Staff") will do their best to maintain a clean, respectable website, and will take any corrective measures to ensure that the website stays well within regulations of hosting companies, the FCC, DMCA, and any other internet laws. Users of TBN (heretofore referred to as "users") are required to obey the rules and regulations on this web page.

All content on this website is copyright of this website, and no permission is granted to any user for use of any kind. By viewing this website, you agree to this disclaimer and understand that if at any time you do not abide by this website's rules and regulations, The Staff has the right to take whatever measures necessary to correct your actions.

If you are a legal party seeking information for any cause, you must agree to this disclaimer, and these rules as well. You may not browse this website without the approval of TBN's owner and webmaster without a court order. The Staff is not liable for third party damages on respecting websites, and will not take any responsibility for the actions of the website's users.

If you feel that copyright or other laws have been breached on this website, please contact the owner and webmaster with details, and proof of allegations. Legal action should not be taken without any prior notice, and you agree to not do such until the owner and webmaster has contact with you and a common ground has been reached. TBN does not encourage, nor allow the posting and activity of any illegal or copyrighted content.

This Disclaimer and these Rules and Regulations may be changed at any time to suit any need, whatsoever. TBN holds the right to not inform you of such changes. You are required by this disclaimer to be aware of such on your own.
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Nov 19, 2021
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