the5dollardoubler- earn up to $750 a month, method(s) included

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Mar 11, 2010
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The5dollardoubler basically doubles your money, 200% return. [FONT=&quot]The program is simple. There is no matrix or recruiting necessary. It is a platform for your advertising opportunities, much like the popular autosurf programs out there. For every $5 adpack purchased, you get to display your ads in text and banner options. The catch is that you can only purchase 5 adpacks a day ($25) and you are required to surf one ad(the sponsored link) for 10 seconds as soon as you log in to activate your earnings, which take place between 11:00pm EST – 12:00am EST.

Minimum spend- $5.00(Max per day, 5 adpacks so $25.00)
Payment Processor- AlertPay

You must do these 2 things in order to get earnings for the day...
[/FONT][FONT=&quot]1. Log into their The 5 Dollar Doubler account daily and click the sponsored link.
2. Purchase at least one new $5 ad pack every 30 days. Members are limited to purchasing five $5 ad packs per day. [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Earnings are credited to your profit sharing packs at the end of each day after 11:00 PM EST and before Midnight EST. [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]ALL members profit sharing packs are de-activated each day at Midnight EST time. You must LOGIN to your back office and click the sponsored link in order to re-activate your profit sharing packs each day before 11:00 PM EST.

[FONT=&quot]Here I provide you with 3 different methods. Each are basically the same, it just depends on your budget. If you follow accordingly to which ever method, you should be able to reach and earn $750 a month

Method 1 Spreadsheet 1 (Max investment $260)



Method 2 Spreadsheet 2 (Max investment $230)


Method 3 Spreadsheet 3 (Max investment $160)


Of course you can start with even 1 adpack($5.00) if you want to, just note that it will take longer. Each adpack pays out 5% per day, so $0.25.

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