[Vb.Net] Help Me Creating my Bot NOOB QUESTION

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Aug 15, 2011
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Hi, I'm a complete noob to vb.net. So I need some more help from you guys. Here is the thing. I need to make a bot to register account on wordpress, verify using yahoo mail, login to wordpress and submit my post. I can easily do these things with webbrowser control. But it's so slow and wasting my bandwidth at all. So I went to research about other ways. Finally I heard about system.net.sockets namesspace and httpwebrequest/response things. So I just created some project using example code. I installed "httpfox" addon on firefox and collected all HTTP POST entries when I click "Signup Now" button. Then I made a httpwebrequest with these entries to mimic the actual http post. But finally I run my program i'm getting "Please Try Again" page source. I thought they are just blocking my IP so I tried using google chrome with the same email, username and password I tried with vb. But It was working fine. They said me to check my email for verify. So. Here is my question. Why wordpress blocked my http post? How can I successfully register new wordpress blog using HTTP POST or sockets? Oh the most important thing, I saw some dynamic things in POST url like "&signup_formid=245794&count=467" then how can i POST these things with a Httpwebrequest without knowing the actual values? These values are always getting change. Please help me.

My question in short is "How to automatically submit form which located at en.wordpress.com/signup/?blog=1 using vb.net HTTPWEBREQUEST or SOCKETS? Any help is really appreciated. Excuse my poor english.

Anyone here to help me? Can you give me some code to do above things? How can I handle proxies and cookies? Thanks.
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